New Perennial garden design

a naturalistic planting

A simple garden design filled with large naturalistic style planting beds, black limestone patios, relaxed meandering paths and a large natural pond for our client who wanted a garden she could garden in and enjoy from her garden room throughout the year.

We were commissioned to do away with our client's austere grass and straight border garden and create an informal space with soft, relaxed planting beds that could provide a mass of colour and nectar friendly plants to attract wildlife.

We began by creating a series of large, softly structured planting beds intersected by gentle meandering slate chip paths.
A new perennial planting style was adopted to provide colour throughout the year. In spring and early summer the scheme has splashes of purple and yellow followed later in the year by a palette of blue, purple and pink.

We designed a simple patio made from black limestone to tone with the grey slate roof tiles on our client's home.
The patio is large enough for a small dining table and is nestled amongst the perennial planting allowing views of the beds towards the pond.

Planting around the wildlife pond is dominated by herbaceous perennials and grasses. The damp pockets of the pond edges allow for a range of moisture loving plants.