small Fife garden

a new perennial garden

A small garden in Fife with curvy paths leading through beds filled with colourful perennials and past a circular water feature to a secluded patio.

Our client had an unused side garden and decided to have it revamped as a gift to his wife. Used as a washing green and bordering the dogs' kennels the garden was ready for a complete facelift.

We were asked to create a tranquil, restful space with secluded seating and a water feature.

The design is based on a series of sweeping curves to maximise the space and generate a lingering, enjoyable journey through the garden.
Our client was happy to say goodbye to the lawn and see us address the slope with more interesting, lower maintenance materials.

The winding, twisting path is edged with low walls which retain the soil as the garden slopes. The path is topped with light coloured 'hoggin', a very compact, easy-to-walk-on material.
A simple circular pool is brought to life with an arching water fountain. It is built from pale stone which adds to the soft, light style of the garden.

At the top of the garden a curved wall adds shelter to the secluded seat, the perfect viewpoint to enjoy the new garden.

Gentle swathes of soft, mixed planting throughout the garden provide all year interest.

before & after