Fife country garden design

creating a rural cottage garden

A cottage style garden with large borders of herbaceous perennials designed for our clients' retirement cottage in rural Fife.

Recently stepping down from full-time farming, yet still full of beans, our clients invited us to transform the garden of their retirement cottage.
We were to design a traditionally themed rural garden with cottage style planting.
We were also to provide shelter and privacy from the neighbouring farm steading yet keep the views to the surrounding countryside open.

A sheltered patio large enough to seat six people fills the top corner of the garden and recycles the stone from a tumbled down outbuilding. A large turf lawn stretches down to the bottom of the garden where a gate will eventually open onto the fields.
The design captures all the charm of a traditional cottage garden mixing open lawn, large mixed flower borders and soft gravel paths. A bright, cheerful palette of hot colours blended with deep purples and cool lemon is highlighted with neutral grasses which move elegantly in the breeze.

Gravel paths create a gentle, flowing journey through the garden from the top lawn to the main lawn.
The garden is already a haven of wildlife with bees, hoverflies, and butterflies all enjoying the abundance of flowers.