Edinburgh wildlife pond

creating a wildlife haven

We were commissioned to create a wildlife pond in a rural garden nestled amongst farmland and woodland just south of Edinburgh.

Our client, a keen naturalist and wildlife lover, was adamant that the pond should look as natural and unartificial as possible and sit in the landscape as if it 'had always been there'.

It should be large enough to be seen from the house and contain a majority of native water plants to attract as much wildlife as possible.

We designed a large, organic shaped pond with broad planting shelves wide enough for a full display of vigorous marginals and bog plants.
The pond is surrounded by simple mown paths and large beds of wild grasses and native comfrey.

We were careful to include mostly native water plants so as not to pollute the surrounding water courses with non-native species and create as natural an effect as possible.

A few carefully selected specimens such as Primula florindae and Primula pulverulenta add a splash of colour.

The pond swiftly established with such success that it wasn't long before our client spotted new visitors to her garden including newts and an inquisitive dog otter.

We provide regular maintenance to ensure that the pond stays in good health.