Edinburgh jungle garden

a leafy paradise in the heart of the New Town

A fabulous commission to create a jungle style garden with a dynamic angular pond with large hand cut sandstone stepping stones, exotic sub tropical planting, secluded hot tub and summer house.

This garden contained some wonderful mature sub tropical plants but its structure had sadly been destroyed as a result of major renovation works to our clients' home, including the installation of a new garden room.
We were challenged to create a modern, exciting new space, recycling as many of the existing materials as possible whilst also maintaining the precious mature specimens that were the back bone of the garden.

A simple slate chip path with reclaimed sleeper steps and wooden posts leads to the back gate through a tunnel of dense planting suggestive of humid atmospheric jungle pathways.
We mixed the existing specimens such as Trachycarpus fortunei, Gunnera manicata, large Bamboos and Eriobotrya japonica with a mix of shrubs with as sub-tropical a look as we could for the location including Crinodendron hookerianum, Embothrium coccineum, Mahonia oiwakensis and Olearia cheesemanii.

Under this lush canopy we introduced blocks of shade tolerant textural foliage plants and perennials with rich saturated flower colours.
Because the planting had to be very dense to satisfy the jungle brief we made a point of keeping paths and paved areas as open as possible. The main walkway from the pond to the summerhouse is raised slightly and edged with reclaimed river cobbles. The plants will grow to recolonise some of this space as branches and foliage overhang the path.
The path is made from poured polished concrete inlaid with caithness stone detailing.

Thick hand cut sandstone stepping stones appear to float over the formal pond and connect the path to the large dining patio where there is also space for a pizza oven.

We relocated the hot tub from a dank, uninviting corner of the garden to a central spot overlooking a small circular lawn and nestled amongst mature planting.
It now sits under a louvered wood shelter. The slats were carefully spaced to allow our clients privacy and seclusion from the overlooking tenement windows yet still afford them views of the garden.

We also found new homes for our clients' sculptural pieces.

before & design