round up! Autumnal October

weeding out the best reads from another busy month on the internet

Autumn really set in this month with coppery leaves set against clear blue skies and darkening days.

Our usual writing haunts were filled with Autumnal articles and we dug deep to bring you the best mix.

  • unusual Autumn colour - In The Guardian Dan Pearson writes beautifully about the Autumn planting in his studio garden as he mixes Cercidiphyllum with spotted Toad Lily.
  • who's keeping the bees? - The Telegraph added to its bee coverage this month with the article celebrating the middle class contribution to the bee industry, something so important for all of us gardeners out there.
  • vodka fuelled daffs for Christmas? - That's exactly what Alys Fowler would have us believe in her column in The Guardian.

Happy reading...