round up! March 2020 - the lockdown edition

weeding out the best reads from another busy month on the internet

March swung from one extreme to the next. We began with a wonderful trip to Tenerife exploring plants and gardens in glorious sunshine and ended it, much as the rest of the country, in lockdown.

Slowing down and retreating indoors did give us a much needed chance to catch up on some garden reading.

our pick of this month's reads

  • brave new world - Dan Pearson shares his worries and shock about steering and managing his garden at Hillside through the challenges of coronavirus lockdown.
  • Derek Jarman - This older piece by Howard Sooley on Derek Jarman's iconic garden at Prospect Cottage was a wonderful reminder of its importance to future generations. You can read more about the campaign to protect it here.
  • Claudia West - We loved this interview with Claudia West. So much of the conversation about planting, ecology and maintenance resonated with us and our own approach to planting design.
  • war gardens - And finally this piece on war reporter Lalage Snow's book War Gardens: A Journey Through Conflict in Search of Calm and its exploration of how gardens bring solace in times of fear chimed so well with what many of us are feeling right now. We may not be able to control what is happening in the world but we can certainly find comfort in our own gardens and the signs of growth and renewal.

Happy reading...