round up! - March 2013

weeding out the best reads from another busy month on the internet

March might have begun with the promise of spring with a warmth in the sun and a sense of new beginnings but it soon turned cold and snowy.

We spotted our first hawthorn leaves and blackthorn flowers but spent most of the month huddled indoors working on design projects and planning the first of the spring plantings.

On the bright side we had plenty of time to read.

our pick of this month's reads

  • Bloom and Dust - We were inspired by Matthew Wilson's piece on Death Valley's fabulous wild flowers in the FT to start dreaming up a trip to California.
  • Chop, chop - We also enjoyed Anna Pavord's piece on coppicing in The Independent. We often coppice trees in our smaller garden design projects.
  • woodland colour - Dan Pearson wrote a lovely piece in The Guardian about early woodland colour and it was a reminder to go out in our own garden and enjoy the first glimpses of woodland life.
  • all the umbellifers - The Telegraph shared a delightful umbellifer picture show just in time for the spring verges to burst forth and for Chelsea gardens to put on their annual show of all things umbellifer.
  • botanical CSI - And finally a fascinating piece about plant DNA and crime solving in The Telegraph.

Happy reading...