round up! January 2013

weeding out the best reads from another busy month on the internet

January blessed us with a wintery cocktail of sunshine, snow, gales and rain allowing us brief forays outdoors to survey gardens and plant hedges, but mostly kept us wrapped up in our new studio designing gardens and making plans for the coming year.

The miserable weather did give us plenty of time for reading.

our pick of this month's reads

  • trends for 2013 - Whilst Robin Lane Fox looked back at how 2012's unpredictable weather impacted on his gardening year in The Financial Times, Thomas Rainer focussed on the year to come, listing his top trends for garden design on his blog Grounded Design.
  • wanderlust - Anna Pavord wrote about her recent plant collecting trip high in the mountains of Sikkim in The Independent and got us thinking even further ahead to our (already much anticipated) 2014 trip to the Himalayas.
  • Secret Garden - Back on home ground Dan Pearson dished up impeccable advice on choosing plants for small gardens in his column in The Guardian. Careful editing and the courage to make bold statements are key.
  • Famous people with garden sheds - We also enjoyed a delightfully distracting nosey peak at The Telegraph's picture library of garden sheds owned by writers and artists.
  • London Highline Competition - And finally we looked back at 2012's London Highline Competition. We loved Y/N Studio's 'LidoLine' design, although we're not so sure we'd brave a swimming commute in Scotland!

Happy reading...