round up! Celebrating September

weeding out the best reads from another busy month on the internet

We spent most of September exploring the wonderful wilds of Nepal. Catching up on the month's garden writing was one of the highlights of our return.

Here's our pick of the crop.

  • plants at risk - This sobering study from Kew Gardens reveals that a shocking 1 in 5 plants around the world are under threat of extinction. You can adopt a seed for £25 or save a species for £1,000- £2,000.
  • Autumn in the garden - In this month's Guardian, Dan Pearson entices us to get planting our bulbs with the rewarding promise of Spring colour and scent.
  • seed collecting - As it comes around to the time of year to collect seeds from your favourite plants Garden's Illustrated have this timely print your own seed packet download. Pretty, practical and also possibly the perfect stocking filler for the plant lovers on your Christmas list!

Happy reading...