round up! - August 2012

weeding out the best reads from another busy month on the internet

After July's relentlessly grey skies August treated us to some lovely late summer sunshine. The sky deepened, the leaves turned a darker shade of green and the sun was warm and golden.

In the twig garden Geranium wallichianum scrambled through Persicaria amplexicaulis, the Rhus ambigua romped up the fence and there were some well earned idle moments in the hammock watching the fish dart amongst the water lillies.

And naturally, there was time for some reading.

our pick of this month's reads

  • In Pictures - The Guardian ran an (interestingly labelled) picture gallery of the Thrive garden which we also enjoyed.
  • August's Riches - Dan Pearson wrote as beautifully as ever about the once-in-a-season meeting of seedheads, flowers and berries and the joys of the late August garden in The Observer.
  • Alliums, Alliums, Alliums - Anna Pavord celebrated planting Alliums in The Independent.
  • Garden Police - and finally we discovered in The Telegraph that the EU has a lot to say about homemade pesticides. Put your hands in the air and step away from those coffee grounds...

Happy reading...