it's not easy being green

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day today and we've been discussing how we would like to be greener at twig.

We're pretty good at the small gestures such as recycling our waste paper, shredding and composting old documents, using energy light bulbs, trying not to leave our electricals on stand by.

And we're not too bad at some of the bigger gestures either. We only use recycled soil improver and mulches in our garden design projects to conserve water and reduce the need for fertilisers.

But we still feel there's a lot more we could, and should, be doing. So we've made a few pledges

  • we'd like to reduce the amount of driving we do which means a little more cycling and a few more rides on public transport.
  • we're weighing up the benefits of hiring vans for site work rather than running our own van all year around.
  • and we will be changing over to recycled stationery

It doesn't feel like very much but we reckon that a few small commitments every few months should make it easier to be green.