design your garden in winter?

it may seem like a crazy thing to do

Having your garden designed in the dead of winter may seem like a strange thing to do.

It may feel out of sync with the seasons. Just as you should be curling up and hiding from the snow the last thing that may be on your mind is sitting out in your garden in the sun.

but it's actually a brilliant idea

Let us share something with you.

Half way between Christmas and New Year our boiler stopped working. It was the snowiest weather we have had in years and the repair company were at their busiest.

If we'd been smart we would have taken a leaf out of Jason's father's book and had it serviced in the summer. Every Autumn after he has made the last cut of grass for the year he takes his mower to the local shop for its annual service. No queues. No waiting for parts. No getting behind on the mowing.

Which is exactly why now is one of the best times to get your garden designed.

be at the start of the queue

Garden design is a slow process. It takes time to move through the cycle of creating the design, getting the hard landscaping completed, adding the plants and the details.

At this time of year the builders are quieter which means less time waiting in a queue for them to have a free slot.

Starting now means your new plants will have lots of time to establish and grow and flower so you'll really see them thrive this year.

Starting now means that when the good weather rolls in all you have to do is pour a drink and step outside and enjoy the sun.

Sound good?

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