a day with the Beechgrove Garden

We spent a great day with the producers of the Beechgrove Garden last week.

For those of you not in the know, the Beechgrove Garden is Scotland's leading garden programme. Set in a sprawling three acre garden in Aberdeen the show not only offers advice and information on all aspects of gardening in Scotland, it also runs a community garden feature.

Gwyneth and Mike took us to see two of the community garden projects shortlisted for this summer's schedule.

Mossburn Animal Sanctuary have plans to create an exploratory garden, and the residents of Silverburn are dreaming up a garden to add the finishing touches to their new village hall. Jason will be on hand to guide the groups through the design process to the final stages of completion.

Four community gardens will be selected from a shortlist of twelve possiblitiles. Here's hoping one of the gardens we visited will be chosen!