Jason's SAC students accepted for Chelsea Flower Show

this is actually quite a big deal

Jason's second year HND Garden Design students have had their application for a show garden at this year's Chelsea Flower Show accepted.

They are the first, and only, Scottish Garden Design students to be accepted to date.

3 reasons why this rocks

1. What if we got into Chelsea....?

This started as a joke in the pub. And instead of brushing it under the table, they actually went ahead and applied.

Their drive and passion and enthusiasm are exactly the qualities they will need when they set out into the world of garden design. And they've shown they have them. In buckets.

2. This is exactly the kind of experience which can't be taught

Jason can tell his students what they can expect when they start out in the world of running their own businesses but he can't create that experience for them.

It comes with actually doing it.

It comes with meeting your first deadline. Managing the contractors so they build exactly what you tell them to, in exactly the way you want them to. It comes from really managing a budget. Managing resources. Managing people.

His students have gone out and created this experience for themselves already which means that when they finally set up their own businesses they'll already have a head start on their competition.

3. It's a personal reward

The most astounding thing is that the students haven't yet been taught their Show Garden module. Which means that they have done this on the back of the teaching they received in year one.

And this is a reminder that for all the hard work he puts into their training he is doing his job right.

And that makes it all worthwhile.