water garden design

water features, ponds and advice

Designing and constructing water features and ponds is a specialist area and requires expert knowledge.

Jason has enormous skill and experience in this area, and has acted as designer and consultant on many water garden projects for private clients, garden designers and architects.

we offer the following services:

  • from bubbling springs to contemporary and formal pools we can design the perfect water feature for you as a one-off feature or as part of your garden design.
  • we consult on all types of water feature for landscapers and architects and provide full 3-D and construction drawings.
  • water feature rescue- if you've had a disastrous water feature installed we can save it!
  • advice and design for fully filtered koi ponds.
  • planting design, plant advice and planting service for all types of water and bog gardens.
  • we work with experienced reliable water garden construction experts.

Jason also lectures in water garden design and water feature construction as well as giving talks on all aspects of water garden and pond design.

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We offer a complete water garden, pond and water feature design service throughout Edinburgh and Central Scotland. Why not get in touch and find out more?